10 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

You have a great business idea, so you design a top end website and you’re ready to hit the market. But how do you go about choosing a web hosting plan for your site?

How do you know that your web hosting company of choice is right for your business? What are some of important features to look for when choosing a web hosting company – price, location, ease of use?

Of course all of these points need to be looked into. And ultimately the best web hosting provider for you is the one that fills the most boxes when it comes to providing for your website and company’s needs.

In this article we will take a look at 10 essential tips for choosing a web hosting service.

#1 – Optimisation for Mobile Devices

UK Web Hosting Reviews estimate that over 1.2 billion consumers are viewing websites on their mobile devices. So building a mobile optimised website is an essential factor to consider when looking for both web development and hosting services.

According to SmartInsights we are now past the tipping point for mobile usage.

Take a look at the report below from Comscore detailing mobile usage in 2017:

web hosting

When choosing web hosting take the time to understand website optimisation plan they provide. Some providers offer built in features that make creating a well optimised website simple.

#2 – Media Support

If you are planning to include a minimal amount of images or videos in your site then a simple web hosting account will be sufficient for your needs.

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However, if your site relies heavily on infographics, gifs, videos and reader uploads then you will need web hosting with a service that is easily scalable.

Your business will be better suited to a hosting provider that can not only accommodate adequate bandwith for your media but also can support various file types to be sure that you are fully covered in all areas.

#3 – Reseller Hosting Option

Reseller hosting is a great way to provide your websites and all of their additional media with all of the bandwith they need.

One of the extra benefits of reseller hosting is that if you have a surplus you will also have the option to resell it to a third party.

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Reseller hosting is a handy way for customers to keep costs down. The surplus hosting space that you sell can cover some, if not all, of your own hosting costs each month.

When taking on a reseller hosting account just be sure that you are within the contractual requirements of your hosting supplier.

#4 – Tailored Hosting Packages

A number of web hosting providers offers hosting packages to their clients. Often you will find that whilst covering all of your business needs they may provide a range of services that you don’t need.

In this instance you may want to consider eliminating the services that you don’t use from your plan. After all, if you only use 15% of a package, why pay for the rest?

web hosting

If these extras are included with no additional cost then it may be useful to have them. But if you are paying premium prices but using only an economy service then look to cut your costs with a tailored hosting package.

#5 – Be Clear in Your Own Mind What Services You Require

Whilst many web hosting providers offer tailored package others don’t. That is until you ask them!

With so many web hosting services online competition is high. So you are under no obligation to choose a web hosting service that doesn’t cater what you require.

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By understanding your own business requirements and clarifying exactly what they are up front you will be well positioned to negotiate a better package for your needs.

With a do it yourself web hosting plan like this you will avoid unnecessary costs and purchasing services that you don’t really need.

Before you commit to a hosting service, research plenty of companies and make a list of exactly what you will need.

#6 – Technical Support

Assume that you will need support and check exactly what you are paying for it.

Even the best of the best hosting businesses experience technical issues from some time. With any luck technical problems will be down to a minimum but should they occur you should be well prepared.

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Be sure to research carefully the support services offered with your hosting plan. Is technical support included? Will it cost extra to speak to the right person when an urgent issue arises?

Also consider how often the support staff are available. If you can’t access support when you need then you should consider another company.

#7 – Check Technical Support Reputation

Even if you are new to web hosting you don’t have to look far to find feedback about providers. Take time to browse forums, LinkedIn Groups or any places that you can think of where webmasters hang out. Any threads that you come across can provide plenty of insight when choosing a good web hosting company.

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Another alternative is to make contact with a webmaster directly and find out who they recommend. This is particularly effective if you have little time to connect with a whole community online.

Failing that you can still find out about the big names in the hosting business with a clever google search.

#8 – Look Out For Reviews

More established web hosting providers will have plenty of reviews about the services that they offer online. Whilst all reviews can mean something, the most important ones will be the technical support reviews.

web hosting

When a customer is unhappy with a particular hosting provider it’s almost always because of their technical support.

So remember when researching that you will find plenty of good and bad reviews alike for all companies. Try to read as many of both and then weigh up the pros and cons of the overall service on offer.

If you find a company that inspires praise on a neutral website then that is impressive enough on it’s own.

#9 – Try to Forecast What Additional Services You Will Need In the Future

Whilst you should avoid paying for unused services try to be aware of possible addons that may be needed further down the road.

Even if you are new to hosting it’s worth getting into the mindset from the start that you will need to upgrade your business in some way.

web hosting

Again, look for providers that offer scalable services and effective technical support. Attempt to position yourself strategically. That way when you need to upgrade to a new hosting account or accommodate a new application you can easily add on the service to your existing plan.

There is nothing more likely to give you a major headache than having to start all over or migrate to a different provider.

#10 – Let the Companies Sell Themselves to You

You should be satisfied that the web hosting providers on your list are doing enough to sell their services to you. If you are unable to get enough information about what services they offer then consider removing them from your list.

web hosting

A good hosting company will understand that all customers will have questions and require answers to specific items. If your initial contact with them is unsatisfactory then consider it a preview of the services yet to come.


Technically speaking web hosting is the same across the board. This is true no matter how far providers strive to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Special pricing, support and reputation for success are all important considerations when choosing a web hosting provider.

Never forget, though, that when you commit to a hosting provider you are not bound to them forever. If fail to provide adequate service or you find costs running out of control simply switch to an alternative.

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