5 AI Powered WordPress Plugins You Should Try

If you are reading this article, perhaps you are a WordPress user, and you are looking to integrate an AI-enabled plugin to it. You might be already using one too.

AI is the hot cake in the technology world right now. It has successfully taken over all the spheres of our lives. WordPress plugins are no different.

There are quite a number of WordPress plugins powered by AI. We have picked 5 of them to discuss in this article.
From this article you will:

• Get acquainted with 5 AI-powered WordPress plugins.
• Know the facilities they provide.
• Know which one suits you better.

1. WordLift

WordLift uses its knowledge to help you write better. Its idea is to process human language with AI. It supports 32 languages.
Its core purpose is to help in SEO. It helps you to organise posts and pages adding facts, links and media to build beautifully structured websites, both for humans and search engines.
• It scans the whole content and classifies the essential part of the material like “what”, “where”, “when”, “who”.
• Information on these categorised words is gathered and saved as entities. If the reader wants to know about these specifics, they don’t have to jump elsewhere from your site. They will find it on your site. As a result stay time on your site increases.
• Content creators can fetch facts, images, links and visuals to make their content informative.
It has four different plans. Blogger, Editorial Team, Business and VIP. They cost €19.99, €59, €99, and €1000 per month respectively. You can have a 20% discount if you pay yearly. It also comes with a 14- day trial.



2. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

As per the name suggests, Quttera can run malware scans for trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, spyware, code injections and other digital pests using AI and cloud technology.
• Quttera’s job is to scan any threat in your website using its AI powered engine.
• It is of great help if your site is blacklisted. It finds out the reason and provides remedies.
• It gets better in recognising threats over time.

It is free to use.


 Quttera Web Malware Scanner wordpress plugin

3. MyCurator

MyCurator is a content curation tool. It is cloud-based and AI driven.
• MyCurator makes it easy to quickly curate relevant contents to your site from around the web.
• It includes articles on your chosen topics from the internet and includes them in training posts.
• You can read them easily from there.
• You can also save them in notebook.
• You have the option to give green thumbs-up to the articles you like and the red thumb to the ones you don’t want. In this manner, day by day MyCurator will get to know your preferences and get better with time.
• You can create new posts from these training posts and also combine them if necessary and publish them.


It has two paid plans – Pro Plan and Business Plan. They cost $15 and $30 per month respectively. They have a free version too.

 MyCurator Content Curation plugin from wordpress

4. Live chat 24/7

Live chat 24/7 is a virtual chat agent for your website. It is a useful tool if you are running low on budget.


• You need to train your bot first by answering the most commonly asked questions. Their processors are intelligent enough to learn from there.
• It observes your conversations while you communicate with your customers. It learns from this observation and acts upon it.
• If the bot is unable to recognise a question, it switches to live support.

It’s free with one live agent. If you need more, it costs $29 per month.


free live chat 24-7 automated bot

5. After the Deadline

After the Deadline was previously a separate plugin. But it is a part of Jetpack plugin suite now. It is a grammar checking tool powered by AI.
• It checks grammar, spelling and style on the contents of your website.
• It not only discovers errors but also provides important suggestions. It explains the mistakes so that your confusion gets cleared too. So, in a way, you learn from it.
• It shows the spelling errors in red, grammar mistakes in green and style suggestions in blue.

It is free for personal use.


after the deadline wordpress plugin

Wrapping it up

We have listed some handy AI-powered plugins to improve different aspects of your website. You cannot but think about AI features to standardise your site in this era. There are many more such plugins serving different other purposes.
Most of them have free versions so that you know if it’s worth the money to get premium. If you are running low on budget but looking to bring AI features to your site, these plugins are right there for you.


About Author:

Kamrul Hassan is a Content Writer. He works at WebAlive, an Australian web development company. He takes interest in writing about technology. Most of his writings are on web design and digital marketing.


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