6 Essential Content Marketing Strategies For Guaranteed Results

I am sure that you are well aware of the role that an effective content marketing strategy plays in Search Engine Optimisation.

The benefits of content marketing (or inbound marketing as it is otherwise known) are numerous.

Increasing site traffic, brand awareness, delivering 3x more leads that traditional methods and cost effectiveness make needing a solid content marketing business plan desirable.

Yet how many internet marketers out there can seriously say that they are utilising this marketing strategy to its fullest potential?

Hubspot showed that 55% of internet B2B marketers were unsure of exactly what content marketing involves. Not only that but only 30% are effectively employing content marketing as a strategy.

In this article I am going to provide you with six content marketing strategies for your business. They that will help grow your organic website views, increase your conversions and spread awareness of your brand.

What’s great is that you can start employing them immediately.

So sit back, get comfortable and let’s get started!

Content Marketing Strategies

#1 Perform an Audit of Your Site’s Content

A temptation among internet marketers is to jump headlong into a rush to deliver more content to outrank other businesses in their niche.

At first glance, this content marketing strategy appears logical.

The more content you have, potentially the more engaging your site will be. Consequently the more website views you will receive.

Fully Optimised Content

However, it’s important to bear one crucial fact in mind – not all content enhances the value of your site.

The content provided must be optimised fully in terms of the information it provides, keywords and SEO. If not then it could actually be doing damage to your site’s ranking.

The answer to this dilemma, then, is to perform a full audit of your site’s content.

Internet marketing heavyweight Neil Patel points out that:

“A content audit is a careful look at your website’s existing content in order to make sure that it’s doing what you want it to do — driving the right kind of traffic, containing the right kind of keywords, and improving conversions.

The reason this is important is because the content of your website is the most important factor in your website’s existence. To be blunt, your content is your website.

That’s why a content audit matters. It’s about improving the very soul of your website – its content.”

Whilst content auditing may not exactly fill you with excitement, the results probably will.

In a podcast with Pat Flynn, writer Todd Tresidder explained how deleting, combining, and updating hundreds of his blog posts on his site FinancialMentor.com actually tripled his conversions.

Still not convinced?

Well, there are others out there who had the same experience.

Nick Loper of SideHustleNation managed to boost his organic site traffic by over two thirds by deleting a staggering 650 articles from his site.

a content marketing strategy that works

Performing a content audit of your site is fairly easy.

To begin with take a look at the Google Analytics for your site. Under Behaviour/Site Content/All Pages you will be able to see which content is producing the most traffic and which is not.

For that which is producing all of the organic searches optimise further by adding additional keywords and either improve or remove the remaining content which is falling short.

#2. Try a Content Relaunch 

Relaunching old, already published content is a highly effective content marketing strategy. It can drastically improve your Search Engine Rankings.

Find Your Best Content

Hubspot famously discovered that out of all of their blog posts 0.5% of their posts were generating a massive 46% of their leads.

In addition the results showed that 76% of their site traffic for one month came exclusively from posts published the month previous. A further 92% of leads also came from older posts.

Thanks to the insights gained from these Attribution reports they were able to drastically improve the majority of their site’s content. This content marketing strategy helped to increase their organic page views by 106%.

When you run your site audit you might consider going over some of the weaker content marketing campaigns.You could optimise them by means of reworking the copy, improving images and adding real life examples of the points you are making.

Brian Dean, inspired by the Hubspot story, did just that.

He completely reworked a post that had dropped right down the SERPs. The result was that remarkably it brought in an extra 260.7% of organic traffic in just two weeks!

benefits of content marketing strategy

The lesson here is that a good content marketing strategy does not always require high numbers of fresh articles. More often that not increased site traffic can come form working on the already existing content.

Once again, Google Analytics is your Go To SEO Tool to better your low performing articles.

#3 Repurpose Your Most Popular Content

Often a published article may underperform when advertised upon a certain medium.

The reason could be that it may be suitable for certain platforms and not others. Another reason could be that with the sheer weight of new content uploaded to the web every day it may end up hidden amidst the deluge.

This is where content repurposing comes in.

Repurposing content involves adapting it to suit other marketing mediums. The target being to reach wider audiences and increasing the possibility of gaining more backlinks.

Eugene Cheng provides an interesting case study of content repurposing.

He took an existing article that contained high level copy and images, He then re-purposed in into a Slideshare presentation, and guess what? He got over 2 million views for his endeavours!

best practices for creating a content marketing strategy

If that wasn’t enough, Cheng also managed to get an additional page to rank for the longtail keyword “presentation design Singapore”.

best content marketing strategy

There are many mediums that allow for content repurposing along with Slideshare. Storify is one of the latest for putting together presentations in the same mold as Slideshare.

Have you ever thought about trying infographics, videos or podcast? All of these can be fun and advantageous ways of getting your message out to a wider audience.

#4 Syndicate Your Content

Did you ever try to look up a search term, only to find the same content for that search term all over the web!

content marketing definition

The reason for such amazing coverage is because of Content Syndication.

Often an article manages to generate large amounts of traffic and backlinks on one platform. When this happens an effective content marketing strategy is to publish that article on another media outlet to see if it will do just as well again.

The only issue here is that you have to wait for your work to be accepted by the next media source.

That is, until now!

Benjamin Hardy managed to get an additional 20,000 opt ins on his email lists in 6 months. He did it by copying and pasting each of his articles onto Medium.


example of a content marketing strategy

In addition to giving his email subscribers’ list a massive boost Hardy found that his brand now reached out to a wider audience than before.

Take a look at these search rankings for James Clear.  Notice the exposure he was getting by spreading his content around.

function of content marketing strategy

Again, login to your Google Analytics account and identify the content that is performing better than all the rest.

Now try to push it to other authoritative domains within your niches with a target market similar to yours.

Back up your pitch with evidence of social shares, traffic, etc and there’s a good chance you will manage to get it syndicated. For sure this will improve the visibility in the SERPs.

List of Sites to Syndicate Content With

Here is my list of Free Sites for you to syndicate your content with right now:

#5 Upgrade Your Content

If you’ve been at the blogging / content marketing game for any amount of time you will probably be already familiar with content upgrades. If not you should be because they really do increase your conversion rate – some times to as much as 785%.

The only issue is that everybody is using content upgrades. Look out for the yellow call box that is appearing on an ever increasing number of sites and you will see what I mean –

content marketing strategy ideas

But despite the fact that the online market is a busy place, you can get your content noticed on other mediums.

Take a look at what content marketing expert Jack Canfield has to say about it in this short video –

Rather than inputting content upgrades into his existing articles, Jack put them instead in the meta-descriptions of his videos. You can see how in the example below:

content marketing strategy

We can’t know for sure exactly what Jack’s conversion rates look like. Judging from the size of his subscribers’ list and the likes that his videos receive, it’s safe to say that his content marketing strategy is going well.

So, look to start upgrading your blog content, but try, like Jack, to think outside of the box and look for methods that other bloggers have yet to discover. Who knows you might tap into an unused pool or traffic!

#6 Write Case Studies

When drafting high quality blog content the tendency is to go for long-form content. That’s because of the likelihood of it ranking better on google.

However, if you are looking to create content that will convert your site traffic into conversions then providing a few case studies is essential.

Eccolo Media in a 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report discovered that case studies are the third most influential type of content for generating sales for both start ups and corporations alike.

Take a look at the findings for yourself:

content marketing strategy definition

Case studies are particularly effective because they provide your users with a real life application of a company’s product or service that works. Seeing a testimonial is one thing. However, a service may not be intuitively easy to grasp. Therefore the benefits can be brought to life by a compelling case study backed up with solid results testifying data.

You will often see companies that feature case studies on their site. Take for instance Outbrain. They have a whole section on their site devoted to case studies. This is where they can demonstrate their brand’s effectiveness when applied to a range of different applications:

content marketing strategy for seo

Take heed though that different readers react differently to different case studies. Word length can be a major factor as Neil Patel discovered; when he shortened one of his case studies from 2,286 word to 615 he managed to increase the leads it generated by 39%.

Case studies are still an under used and therefore under analysed medium, but an integral part of your customers’ journey from site visitor, through to conversion.

It is highly probable that employing a few case studies to your funnel will push some of your potential lead prospects into paying customers.

If you have case studies at the bottom of your funnel (BoFu), you’re more likely to nudge prospects into becoming customers and produce measurable returns on your content marketing.


So that there you have it, a few essential pointers for using your content marketing to improve conversions. Content marketing is an integral part of SEO and with so many online businesses competing for space getting noticed is a necessity.

In this article you have six ways that will guarantee results right away – so take your pick, focus on one and then move on to the next.

And don’t forget to let us know what works best for you or if there is anything we left out, or, indeed just to say hi in the comments section below!

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