All You Need to Know About SEO Hosting

Terms such as IP address, C-Class and Search Engine Optimisation are probably familiar to you. These are all terms common to SEO hosting. Anyone who works with an online business will come across them frequently.

However, you may not be so familiar with how you put them altogether to create the perfect SEO hosting set up for your online enterprise.

No need to fear, because, as usual I come with all of the information you need to understand how SEO hosting works.

In this article you will learn how SEO hosting can be used to create a fully SEO optimised infrastructure for your business.

advantages of seo hosting

  • What Is SEO Hosting
  • Hosting Using Multiple IP Addresses
  • What Are C-Class IPs
  • Other Useful Features of SEO Hosting
  • Things to Watch Out For
  • Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat SEO

What Is SEO Hosting?

SEO Hosting employs both traditional and non traditional techniques to optimise a website for search engine ranking. In so doing a well optimised site will receive increased site traffic and conversions.

Some SEO Hosting companies go so far as to provide content creation services, packages of multiple C-Class IPs and additional SEO services.

SEO Hosting is important because a great deal of work needs to go into optimising a site for high search engine ranking.

These days it is not enough to just have an eye catching design or great content. A website must be optimised from the foundation up in order for it to rank well so that people will see it and visit it.

Hosting Using Multiple IP Addresses

One of the latest methods for optimising your website is to create an environment for hosting sites across multiple IPs, Domain Names, Class Cs and DNS.

advantages of seo hosting

By owning multiple C Class IPs for many different sites website owners can create authoritative backlinks between these sites.  

Because they are hosted on the C Block of IPs the search engines are unable to detect that they are all part of the same network.

Instead they will only see the high authority backlink and so give the site better search engine ranking.

The website owner will then retain complete control over the backlinks to his main site.

Benefits of SEO Hosting Using Multiple IP Addresses:

  • Create high authority, niche relevant backlinks
  • Edit and remove backlinks at will
  • Keep complete control over the sites linking to your main business site
  • Results are long lasting
  • Fast and cost effective to setup

SEO Hosting providers will offer different sized packages of multiple C Class IP addresses for reach domain or website.

They may also provide branded Nameservers on separate IPs. That way the search engine crawlers will be unable to detect that they are all part of the same brand.

What Are C Class IPs?

Search engines can easily recognise if the websites are hosted on the same server if they are hosted on the same “D” block.

However, it becomes much more difficult for them to identity the pattern if they are hosted elsewhere, such as on the “C” block.

To understand this better here is a graphic that explains the difference between A Class, B Class, C Class and D Class IPs:

advantages of seo hosting

The sites are all linked through the third set of numbers in an IP address, or the C-class. This grouping connects the sites through the server allowing you to used shared hosting while presenting the sites as totally separate from one another..

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Other Useful Features of SEO Hosting

The obvious appeal with SEO Hosting is the control and freedom to set up a loop of inter connected websites to improve search engine ranking.

However, SEO Hosting also provides additional control over back office elements that are important for optimisation such as coding and media.

Below are a few other important elements to consider when considering your SEO Hosting solution:

  • Site Back-ups: Any decent hosting provider will provide regular back ups for your site. The same holds true for SEO hosting providers, where increased volume of sites and consequently content is even more critical.
  • Increased Customer Support: SEO Hosting falls a level or two above standard shared or dedicated hosting. Therefore it makes sense that improved customer support is a prerequisite when selecting your SEO Hosting solution.
  • Set-up Time: Be aware that when selecting your SEO Hosting solution the set up is not a one click process. Typically standard hosting packages are live within a few minutes. However, SEO hosting requires a much more advanced configuration. So expect set up to take around 24 hours.
  • Website Limits: When you order a SEO Hosting you will be setting up an almost unlimited scope for websites, domain names and email addresses all under one single connected package. Within the confines of your package you will be able to remove any constraints on the size or design of your main website. Plus you will be able to use the same service to set up a full network of other sites.
  • Looping Websites: Certain business models call for connecting websites that goes beyond only SEO. SEO Hosting will allow you to keep different areas of your business connected whilst also creating loops within loops as needed. This is useful for linking and directing traffic through different stages of your business model.

Things to Watch Out For

  • Contact Information: Although all of the websites set up on an SEO Hosting Server can go unrecognised as a connected network, they can still be viewed by the search engines. For this reason it is advisable to add different contact information to each one. That way you won’t reveal that you are using an interconnected network for your SEO strategy. Consider dedicated separate names, numbers and emails to each one.
  • Size Matters: As you can imagine, hosting large numbers of sites requires a large amount of hosting space. Plus you will also need additional room for your websites to grow in the long term. For this reason, SEO hosting solutions with mulitple IPs require substantial storage space and processing power to manage the workload.
  • Bandwidth: Most hosting providers offer unlimited bandwith but check to be sure. In order to accommodate large volumes of traffic across your site large amounts of bandwith are required. This ensures that your site functions well enough to rank well. Check to see that if unlimited bandwith is not offered there are no increased costs for extra once your network operational.

Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat SEO

SEO Hosting is only as ethical as the website owner. Most SEO specialists view SEO as a game and SEO Hosting is another device to be used to influence the SERPs to rank their sites higher.

seo hosting

Whilst there are as yet no penalties for utilising SEO Hosting it is your own choice as to how far you employ it with your strategy. When all is said an done SEO hosting is a tool, what you do with it makes it positive or negative.


There is no exact science to SEO. Google, Bing and all the other search engines create ever more sophisticated algorithms for ranking websites.  Site owners and webmasters strive for every advantage to improve their rankings. When used as a tool SEO hosting is simply another stage towards the ultimate goal of receiving free website traffic.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have anything you would like to add or any experiences that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

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