How to Draft a Cold Call Email For GUARANTEED Results

Just imagine if you could connect with some of the best email marketing experts in the business? How cool would it be if you could access the lists of some of the movers and shakers of your niche – that is hugely influential guys with massive social media following, huge email lists?

What kind of benefits would connections like that bring to your business marketing strategy?

Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret. In the past few days i connected with Rand Fishkin from Moz, Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

Want to know how I did it? Simple – I used my  proven method for cold call emailing them – and they all replied to my message within the hour!

One of my strategies for promoting my site content is to email some of these heavyweight internet marketers and request that they share some of my posts on their social media platforms. This is what I asked when i connected with Joanna Wiebe – all I did was request that she share an article of mine on Twitter.

Making connections like this with a cold email can open up a whole range of marketing opportunities and are a great way to expand the reach of your brand.

In this article we will take a step by step look at exactly how to reach out to influential marketers so that you are GUARANTEED to get a response.

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  • The cold email is a powerful marketing tool, and why it outperforms social media for high profile connections.
  • How to find ANY email address.
  • The steps for crafting the PERFECT cold email subject line.
  • How to draft an email that contains humour and personality.
  • How to ask for something without being a sleazy salesman.
  • My personal cold email template

The Power of Email Outreach

Believe it or not but many online businesses and marketers consider email marketing to be an outdated method for acquisition. Many opt for instant messaging such as Snapchat, Skype, Facebook and for Live Video Streaming instead. But when it comes to connecting with influential business folk email undoubtedly leads the way because you have their exclusive attention and because you have the capability to make the message personal.

What I find puts off many start up marketers is that they don’t really believe that any on the bigwig influencers would be interested in what they are working on. And you know what –  they couldn’t be more wrong.

Check out this really handy piece of advice from Steve Jobs – I saw this nugget a few years back and it really go me thinking that you should never be afraid to ask for anything!

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Step by Step Guide To Reaching Influential Marketers

Another apparently little known fact is that it is really easy to find the email address of the person that you are looking for.

All you need to do is enter the Full Name and Domain Name of the person that you wish to reach into FindAnyEmail and hey presto! Now you have a legal and ethical way of locating contacts without applying any black hat methods.

Here are the results of a search I did for Chris Ducker :

email lead generation

And here is another one that I did for Michael Hyatt :

email lead generation

There are plenty of applications for doing this, this is one that I tend to use the most often. Other handy tools I would recommend for finding email addresses are and also Atomic Email Hunter, which works especially well on Linkedin profiles.

How To Draft A Cold Call Email

Once you have your contact’s email address you now need to draft the perfect cold email. Before we get into that let’s look at a few things that you definitely SHOULD NOT DO!

Send to multiple email addresses at once.
Send out a generic marketing email 
Use a dull subject line such as : “I thought this would be of interest to you.”
Pretend that you already know the individual that you are contacting.
Assume that they will know exactly why you are attempting to contact them.
Pretend that you are doing something that will be beneficial to them
Write a boring message that is not relevant to the receiver.

To put it plainly here is an example of an email message that you definitely should not be writing :

Hey %Name%,

I just finished writing an article on “How To Write Emails” that I thought you would like.

Follow this link to view:

It would be really great if you could share this article to help spread the word.


New Blogger

Ask yourself – realistically what would you do if you received an email like this? What kind of cold email would make you want to take action?

#1 : Write a Compelling Cold Email Subject Line

A really good cold email subject line is one that gets a high open rate. Something in the subject line intrigues the receiver so much that they must open it to discover the information contained in the email. Think about it, most people receive hundred of emails into their inbox – so your email needs to stand out above all the rest.

One of the subject lines that I use is : Yes, I am THAT annoying blogger

It’s nothing particularly clever, but is is sufficient enough to get my email opened more often than not. There is also a sense of self – depreciation contained in the line, that acknowledges that you are one of those people that likes to fill up people’s inboxes with cold sales email pitches. In addition it suggests what the email may contain, by mentioning that you are a blogger there is a hint that you are looking for some kind of link exchange or sharing request.

If you intend to get replies to your email then you need to make the subject line intriguing – if the receiver doesn’t open the mail you will never get a reply.

#2 : Write an Email That is Interesting and Full of Personality

Here is the exact email copy that i sent to Joanna Wiebe from Copy hackers :


And here is the reply that i received from Joanna within the hour :


email lead generation

Notice some of the elements that I included in the initial outreach email:

I included a lot of humour and personality to make the email an interesting read. There is so much dull and uninspiring content out there on the web that anything fresh, engaging and often enough human is in with a chance of standing out.

The high response rate to my email is mainly down to the email being engaging. Dull content will only lead to a low response rate. With all of my content I try to keep my readers entertained so when drafting a cold call email message I always include some self-deprecating, an appreciation of what the contact receiving the mail has achieved, an acknowledgement that you may be doing something annoying and a straight up admission that you want them to do something for you.

And so to conclude, don’t ever forget that the high rollers of internet marketing were, at one time, in your position and more often than not will be happy to help you out. Writing a cold email is also not a difficult thing to do.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of subject line and content you need and where to find your contacts’ email addresses take the time to incorporate this strategy into your marketing plan. It has delivered great results for me and will do the same for you!

Don’t Forget – If you like what you have read here, if you have put it to use and it’s brought you some good results or if you have something to add that is a great way to increase your email subscribers’ list then Please Share it in the Comments section below……. oh and don’t forget to Share this Post with all of your friends!


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