How to Generate 200 Targeted Leads Daily Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best sources for lead generation.

With effective use of search filters it’s possible to build up highly targeted lists of contacts within any chosen B2B niche.

In this article, we take a look at an effective method for building up a targeted list of contacts using LinkedIn.

Not only that but we will look at a few proven methods for reaching out to those leads and converting them into sales.


Check Out This Short Video on How to Generate Hundreds of Leads Using LinkedIn:



How to Use LinkedIn Search Filters

The LinkedIn Search Filter is the first base for effective LinkedIn lead generation.

First of all in the search bar, you need to enter which niche you would like to target. In this example, we will search for “Web Designers”

Right away the LinkedIn Search Filter will generate a list of Web Designers. This list is based on Web Designers that you are either already connected to, or that are connected to your existing contacts.

It is possible to further refine this search query.

The first option is to select either People or Jobs. In this instance we are looking to generate a list of leads, and not employment positions. For that reason, we leave the query set to People.

The only other filter to apply right now is the location. Consider that I would like to target Web Developers in the United States. To do this, I select the Locations Dropdown and then check the box next to United States.

Notice that you can refine the Locations search further. In the image below you will see filters for Cities, including San Francisco and New York



linkedin b2b lead generation
A simple LinkedIn Filter would include a search by Industry, in this case Web Designers, and by locations, in this example, United States



Other options include filtering by Connections (ie other users that you are connected to) and by current companies.

The LinkedIn Search Filter will now present a list of all of the Web Designers in the United States. In the image below you can see that this particular search has produced a list of 244,121 results:


linkedin leads
This search generated nearly 250k LinkedIn Leads relating to Web Designer in the US


How to Connect to Your LinkedIn Leads List

250k LinkedIn Leads is a lot of leads.

However before you get your hopes up – remember that we are only part of the way there.

Before we can proceed any further and reach out to these leads we have to Connect to them.

This is where the leg work comes in and it’s important to be aware of LinkedIn’s guidelines for Connecting with other LinkedIn Users. Connecting with too many leads in one day can compromise your account, so it’s important to be careful.

That said, it’s also worth noting that most of these leads are themselves looking to generate business prospects. Receiving multiple connection requests will also help them to build up their own LinkedIn Leads List.

To connect with the users on the list, simply click Connect.

You will now be presented with the option to simply Connect or to Add a Note.


all web leads linkedin


What you do here is your call.

Some individuals like an introduction, others prefer to Connect first and then send out a Thank You message.

There is no one way that is better than the other.

However, it’s worth remembering that you need to be nurturing each lead at this point. If you send them a message with a straight up sales pitch you may end up annoying the other users.

Here are two examples of a good connection message.

  1. Add a Note Message: 

When adding a note to a Connection request, it’s recommended not to jump in with a Sales Pitch.

A short introduction is sufficient:


how to get linkedin leads
Personally if someone sends a long winded message I will never read it. Something short and to the point is much more likely to gain attention


2. Thank You Message: 

Once a user has connected to your account you now have the opportunity to send a more detailed message and perhaps even a sales pitch.

Below is an example of a message sent out after a Connection has been made. This type of message also applies when other user request to connect to you:


linkedin b2b lead generation
LinkedIn Message after connecting


Repeat this process.

Try to make as many Connections as you can out of the results of the initial LinkedIn Search.

Remember, our initial search produced a list of 250k leads.

However, not all of these users will become connections. Many of them will be inactive accounts, or simply users that are not interested to Connect.

But the users that go on to become Connections will eventually grow into your own highly targeted list.


How to Nurture Your LinkedIn Leads List

Now that a new connection has been made it’s important to nurture that lead. If the connection replies to your initial outreach or Connection message then initiate a conversation and discuss if a business collaboration or sale is possible.

If the Connection doesn’t reply to your initial message, then leave it there.

It’s important not to bombard your connections with messages. This will simply turn them away.

Every so often, post an update or share an article on your LinkedIn Profile that will appear in each of your Connections’ LinkedIn feed:


linkedin lead gen ads
A regular update on your profile will show in all of you LinkedIn Connections’ Feeds



By regularly posting to LinkedIn you will establish yourself and your brand as a credible enterprise. Depending on the quality of your content, you can create a presence as a Thought Leader. This will encourage your Connections and build confidence amongst them that your company can deliver a service.

When sharing Blog Posts, it’s important to use HashTags. These will help other users to find your profile and content that are searching within the same niche.


How to Manage Your LinkedIn Leads List

Fairly soon, you will have a sizeable enough list to begin marketing to.

However, LinkedIn is not the best place to really market well to this list. It’s enough manual work connecting to other users. let alone having to manually send out individual messages each time your bring out a new product or offer.

What needs to be done now is to transfer the LinkedIn Leads list to another format.

So the first thing we need to do now is to export your list of connections from LinkedIn.

To do this click through to your Connections page. Then on the top of the right sidebar you will see an option to Manage Synced and Imported Contacts:


linkedin b2b lead generation


You will now be presented with a page where you can manage your LinkedIn Contacts. 

Again, head over to the right and click on Export Contacts:


linkedin lead generation


You will now be able to Request an Archive of all of your LinkedIn Data.

We are only interested in your Connections at this point.

So simply check the box marked Connections and begin the export:


linkedin lead generation


The archive takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once it’s ready you will receive an email to the address associated with your LinkedIn Account.


Engagement Marketing. Marketing Automation.
Follow the link in your email to download your list of LinkedIn Leads


When it is ready simply follow the Link and Download you Archived List of all of your LinkedIn Connections.


How to Extract Email Address for Your LinkedIn Connections

At the time of writing this post LinkedIn used to provide full Connection details including Email Addresses and other social profiles.

LinkedIn has now ceased to display Connection Email Addresses.

This is a real drag, but I guess LinkedIn are simply attempting to protect their users data.

However, all is not lost.

It’s still possible to extract LinkedIn User Email Addresses, although you will need to pay to do it, using another really handy tool called

Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds. You are then able to use the application to connect with the people that matter for your business.

Prices are calculated based on the number of requests you make. For example, if you need to download a list of 120 email addresses, that would be 120 requests.


verify email address hunter
Hunter will allow you to connect with email addresses associated with a company or domain


What’s also great is that you can upload your recently Downloaded archive of LinkedIn Connections to the Email Hunter, and it will then search out of all the email addresses associated with the Company or Domain name of your Connections.

Once you have created an account with Hunter search for Bulk Tasks. 

Then click Email Finder:


verify email address hunter

You will now be presented with the Option to start a New Bulk.

You will need to Choose a Name for the New Bulk List Upload.

Then select your recently Downloaded LinkedIn Archive List and Click:


find email address from linkedin



On the following page, you will be presented with the Columns from your uploaded LinkedIn Connections List.

Make sure that you have selected the Company Column, and that it corresponds with all of the Company Names in each row of your LinkedIn List:


how to find someone's email address from linkedin


Once the Company Column has been selected, you can begin the Bulk Email Finder:


how to find out email address from linkedin


Depending on the size of the file, the preparation should only take a few minutes.

Once ready you will now be presented with your full list of LinkedIn Connections plus email accounts:


 how to find email address on linkedin


You will see in the image above four download types for this Bulk Email Search.

As an additional feature, will verify all of the email accounts on your Linkedin Bulk Email Search. It will then assign a score to each lead based on how active that particular email account is.

An inactive account will result in a low deliverability score. Whereas an active account will offer a higher deliverability score.

For best results it is always recommended to reach out to active email accounts. The higher the Hunter Email Deliverability score, the more active the list is likely to be.

Downloading only the higher deliverability list will also help manage your budget.


Check Out this Short Video on How to Use Email Hunter to Extract Your LinkedIn Connections Email Addresses:



You will now have a complete list of highly targeted users relating to your businesses niche generated via LinkedIn and matched up with their email addresses by

Once you incorporate this method into your Lead Generation routine you will find that you will easily be able to bring in 150-200 leads per day.

A weekly export of your connections, followed by the Bulk Email Search will ensure that you always have freshly updated and highly targeted lists of brand new leads.

All that remains now is to outreach to the leads and generate sales!


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