How to Get High Authority Backlinks to Increase Search Traffic

High authority backlinks are essential for you site to rank well.

Your site goes from strength to strength the more it is connected to other sites within your niche. Especially with sites that have a greater page authority.

The more that your site is connected the better you will rank and the more traffic will come your way.

So if you are not already building up a good backlink catalogue then you are missing out big time.

Have no fear, I come with lots of information to help you build up free high authority backlinks. What’s more you can begin building these up right away!

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One of the main elements in getting links back to your site is to provide outstanding content that is of huge value to anyone that reads it.

However, to get your top notch articles out there on the web you need to build up those high authority backlinks.

Without getting plenty of promotion your phenomenal work will get lost in the sea of information on the web.

In this article we will be looking at one of the most effective ways to earn backlinks without doing any guest posting. It involves using a method called the skyscraper technique.

It is a content marketing method that brings guaranteed results. That’s why It is being utilised by some of the top internet marketers.

With this method Brian Dean, from Backlinko, generated a huge number of highly relevant links to a specific article on his site.

He managed to double the organic site traffic to his site in only two weeks:

get high authority backlinksThat’s not all.

That single post has driven more than 300,000 referral visitors to his site so far to date.

That’s a pretty phenomenal achievement, so let’s take a look at how we can get that strategy to work for you!

#1 – Find Content That is Already Getting High Authority Backlinks

History is filled with stories of human beings attempting to outdo one another. It has been one of the driving forces of many societies as it is a potent fuel for progress and success.

The Skyscraper Method

With the Skyscraper method for backlinks we are creating a story about progress of our own.

get high authority backlinks

What we are looking for is the best blog post in our niche – the tallest skyscraper. We will look at it, examine it and then do some renovations to outdo it!

To be certain that you are following the right path you need to be sure that your are sourcing out content that is already working.

Here area few tools to help you out:

Open Site Explorer

Think about your niche, it’s target audience, what topics are working and what people want from you.

Do a google search to find the top articles that exist in that area and then put the top three urls in to Open Site Explorer.

The Open Site Explorer will then provide you with a list of all of the backlinks to that url.

Once you have entered the URL the Open Site Explorer will pull up all of the metrics related to that URL.

What we are looking for here is all of the backlinks, so select Inbound links and then request csv.

You will need to create an account, but no problem – it’s Free! Once you have setup your account the spreadsheet will be sent to your email address and be ready to download within a few minutes.

high authority backlinks checker

What we are looking for now is for the list of pages under Inbound Links.

These pages are generating enormous numbers of backlinks – these are what we want to be focusing in on. is one of my most used SEO tools for keyword research.

First – create a free account. Then enter your keyword.

You will see that this tool will provide you with some additional keyword gems that you may not find on the Google Keywords Tool, such as:

Autocomplete Suggestions
Top Keywords
Term Stats
Relevant Pages

 high authority backlinks online

All of this info is just a few clicks away. Plus it will give you a whole range of insights into the content that your high ranking competitors are getting the most backlinks to.

So now we are well on our way!

#2 Take the Best Ranking Content and Improve On It

Increase the Length of the Article

First of all, you want to increase the length of the article.

While this sounds simple enough you must be careful not to fill your “improved” article with waffle.

One way to do this is to look through the comments section of the rival article and examine what is being said. If a user points out that the article is missing some important information be sure to add that same information to your article.

Similarly, if a user recommends another snippet of information or suggests a different source, then apply the extra ideas to your content. In so doing, you will be adding extra valuable content to your article that will help to set it apart from the rival piece.

Another tip is to take a post that makes a list of useful strategies or items – such as “The 20 Best Ways to Get More Subscribers.”

Now you could easily surpass a post like this, by making it the “Top 30 Best Ways to Get More Subscribers.” In fact, I could probably think of another 50 ways to Get more subscribers.

Get your brain to work on an existing article and I am sure you could add plenty of highly useful information to help your article shine.

free high authority backlinks

A way to be completely certain of your article’s position as top dog would be to blow the competition out of the water. Why not go for “The Best 100 Was to Get More Subscribers.”

Now this isn’t easy by a long stretch. Yet it will cement your position as an undeniable authority if you can get something like this organised.

You could do it in stages. Maybe add it to your email sequence or social networks explaining to your users that it’s a work in progress. You could maybe also encourage them to chip in with additional suggestions, thus increasing user engagement with your brand.

Why not even go as far as launching a contest?

Remember, you don’t need to go over the top with detail. You could simply bullet point the sections with a short description.

Make Your Content More Relevant

I often come across high ranking articles with high numbers of backlinks that were written two, sometimes three years ago.

Fashions change. Not all articles remain in vogue.

So why not dress up your article with a more up to date presentation?

Take more up to date graphics, opt in devices and liven up the content so it looks much more pleasing on the eye.

This is pretty easy to do and will help you find out new and interesting ways to generally liven up your whole site.

Here are a few other devices that you can use that you may think obvious. You would probably be surprised to find out how lacking they are in many examples of top ranking content:

  • Break up paragraphs (2-3 lines max)
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists (easier to read)
  • Pictures are a great way to keep the visual spice high
  • Use a simple and easily readable color scheme
  • Make sure the page is mobile-responsive (easy to read on various devices)

#3: Promote Your New Content to the Right People

Now for the piece de resistance. Your finished article, that is now towering above all of the other lowlier skyscrapers, needs to get the attention that it truly deserves!

You need to showcase your sensational content to the right people by using an email template.

To access the right people you need to find three things:

  • A site within your niche that contains similar relevant content
  • An individual that is interested in your content
  • A site that has existing high authority backlinks to more similar content

Begin by downloading a spreadsheet from Open Site Explorer of all of the backlinks that were linking to your chosen (now inferior!) article.

Once you have the file in front of you go through it remove any links that come from forums or chat rooms or directories. Basically any places where it wouldn’t make sense to send an outreach email to.

high authority backlinks free

Now visit each one and put together an additional spreadsheet of each site’s contact details. This will be your master list of prime contacts within your niche for which you can use to help market your content.

Keep this list of contacts safe as you will be able to potentially collaborate further down the line.

Create an Email Template to Send

Next comes your outreach email. Keep it direct and to the point, in keeping with your article.

Here is an example of the type of email you can use that will get you some good responses:

You can expect to get differing responses. However, remember that we are gong for quality over quantity here. Even if you get only a few replies it will be better to have one top notch backlink than a lot of much weaker ones.

So don’t be put off, the method we are using will take some time.

Write for Other Blogs

Although you can make this strategy work by itself, you can be sure of some high quality backlinks if you guest blog for other sites.

Look around some of the sites that you find to find some details on how to go about submitting a guest post.

It may seem logical here to only reach out to the top ranking sites that contain relevant articles. However, it is better to find sites that present genuine traffic generating opportunities.

Matthew Barby of Moz points out in one of his articles that you should find blogs that have genuine user engagement.

A good indicator of this is if the articles have a lot of comments in the threads at the end of each article. A post with high user engagement is much more valuable than a high ranking site with little or no site activity.

Remember that the point of this strategy is to dig deeper into each blog that you come across to ascertain it’s relevance to yours. Building up a good relationship with the owner will prove to be a valuable long term method for building up quality backlinks.

It’s quite a task but it’s becoming more and more valuable.

Another option here is to pay someone a small fee to carry out the task for you.

Freelancer, Odesk and Elans all offer many such talented individuals who will be able to complete the task quickly.

This should only set you back about $40, which is a small layout considering how much you will get from this list in the long run.

inbound marketing

Make sure that you compile a check list of requirements for your freelancer to submit into your spreadsheet that includes:

  • The Site URL
  • Name of the Site
  • Contact Details (name, email, contact page URL)
  • Social Media Profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • The URL of the most recent article

Ninja Outreach Guest Post Finder

A further option, which I discovered recently is to check out these two really handy tools from Ninja Outreach.

Both of them work wonders when it comes to sourcing out guest blogging opportunities. They are also good for minimising time your searches, leaving you with extra time to source out more high authority backlinks!

inbound marketing

There is a link to add the free extension to chrome here.

Once added to your browser all you need to do is to click on the ninja icon when you are on a site. It will then pull up a whole range of data about the blogger including a link to their guest post guidelines.

This addon is handy when you already have your lists of relevant blogs and sites in your niche.

If you want to go further still there is also a premium version of this addon.

With the premium version all you need to do is type in a keyword or phrase such as Internet Marketing Guest Posts. Then it will source the most relevant content on the web including the domain, article, SEO and social data.

Check out this short video to see how it works:

Having armed yourself with this information you will now have an extensive list of the ideal kind of sites for you to guest post for.

Be sure to adhere to their guidelines. In addition always deliver content of the highest quality that links back to your site’s homepage or relevant article.

If you take care of all of that you can expect a lot of traffic to come trickling through those backlinks to your chosen articles.


High authority backlinks are becoming more and more essential as a content marketing strategy. This is because of the sheer volume of competitive sites on the web these days.

If you want your site to get exposure you are going to need to invest time in building up a solid backlink profile.

Think of backlinks as a recommendation letter for a potential new employer. An already well established blog will provide you with a recommendation through a backlink.

The value in terms of SEO and site traffic can hardly be underestimated.

So get to work on your high authority backlinks using the Skyscraper method. I promise that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Thanks for taking a look at my article – if you have any other suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments section below!

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