How to Set Up Autoresponders in Interspire

This email marketing tutorial is in response to a number of clients that I have that are using Interspire Email Marketer as their sending application.

What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is one of the most valued tools in the email marketer’s arsenal.

They allow you to program a series of emails to automatically send to your email subscribers’ list at pre-set intervals.

For example, when a new user subscriber signs up to the email list on your money site, you can set an email autoresponder to send out a welcome email 24 hours after they have subscribed.

In this tutorial we will look at how to set up a basic autoresponder to send out to your subscribers 24 hours after they join your mailing list.

Please Note: You will only be able to create and send Autoresponders if you have enabled Autoresponders in the Cron Settings Tab. If you don’t have access to the Cron settings contact your system administrator.

How to Create an Autoresponder

Step #1 – Select Create an Autoresponder

On the homescreen in Interspire navigate to the tab marked Autoresponders, and then click on Create Autoresponder  in the dropdown menu.

 email marketing tutorial-interspire-autoresponders


Step #2 – Name Your Autoresponder

You will now be directed to the Create Autoresponder  window.

Now select which mailing list you would like to create the autoresponder for and then click Next.

It will give you an option now to Name your autoresponder.

In the image you will see that i have named the message EN-MS1. This is the name that will be used to identify the autoresponder in the control panel.

email marketing tutorial interspire autoresponders


Step # 3 – Fill Out the Sending Fields

You will now be directed to a page where you can set the sending configuration for your Autoresponder.


 email marketing tutorial interspire autoresponders


Take care that you have entered the correct send and reply email as well as bounce email address. The “bounce email” field is the email address where emails that were rejected by your subscribers mail servers will be sent.

The next important field is the hours after the contact has been on my list. Here you can select the time delay, In the example above the email has been set to send 24 hours after signup.

You will notice that there are also advanced options. While I don’t spend much time playing with these you have the option to move your mouse over them for a help tip offering more information.

Step #4 – Create Your Email Content

Having completed the sending fields you will now be directed to the mail template editor.


 email marketing tutorial interspire autoresponders



You have many options on how you design your email template. I suggest that you create your html email template and copy paste it into the template editor by clicking on HTML  in the menu bar.

Once complete, scroll down to the empty editor box below. In the bottom left hand corner, below this box, you will see another dropdown menu:


email marketing tutorial interspire autoresponders


Select Get Text Content from Editor.  The empty editor box above will now become populated with the text from your html mailer.

The reason for doing this is that you will now be able to send both html and text versions of your email.

Another handy extra is the Check Your Email for Spam option at the bottom of the page.

This will give you a spam score. Whilst not exactly aligned with what the main ESPs will be looking for is nevertheless a useful guide.

Now that that is complete all you need to do is save your mail.

Step #5 – Activate Your Email Autoresponer

The final step is to now activate the autoresponder.

Once the email is saved the application will redirect back to the View Autoresponders page. Notice that next to your autoresponder you will see a red cross.

Simply, click on the Choose an Action  dropdown menu on the top left above the list of Autoresponder Names:


email marketing tutorial interspire autoresponders


Then select Activate the Selected Autoresponder. If this option is not selected the autoresponder will not send.

The appearance of a green check to the right of the autoresponder name will signify that all is ready. The mailer will send at the allocated time after each subscriber has joined your mailing list.


That concludes this email marketing tutorial.

This is part of a series on Interspire Email Marketing Tutorials.

Note that you can create as many Autoresponders as you wish on each list. Simply repeat the process for each one, adjusting the sending time at your own discretion.


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