ITT Review – Artificial Intelligence Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency

Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) is an AI powered platform built to empower traders with consolidated cryptocurrency market predictors to produce intelligent insights from a vast world of real-time data.

At the moment, cryptocurrency traders spend countless hours in chat groups, forums, social media and scanning new sites for information. All this whilst simultaneously attempting to comprehend complex technical analysis and execute trades at the optimal moment.

There are an ever growing number of sources of information nowadays from historical market records to news portals, social networks and more. Thousands of “alt-coin” price movements across multiple exchanges is just the initial torrent of data users must ingest to effectively trade cryptocurrencies.

Simply put, it is impossible for humans to study and analyse such high volumes of information.

The most experienced traders rely on a host of services to help them derive insights from the slew of market indicators popping up every second.

ITT are attempting to empower every beginner trader with consolidated insights on when to buy, sell, or hold their diverse portfolio of coins.

Artificial Intelligence and Trading

To determine a good investment in any market, two primary methods are used to try to predict an asset’s future price:

  • Fundamental Analysis (FA)
    • Typically for longer-term trading, FA involves determining an asset’s true value based on its intrinsic properties as well as the state of the market.
  • Technical Analysis (TA)
    • Technical analysis involves reading indicators and chart patterns to determine price trends. TA is normally not concerned with the company’s fundamentals. It is typically used for day/swing trading (i.e. short-to-medium term trading) and looks at past price action to determine future values.

Looking at simply FA & TA is not enough, however. There are many day traders out there trying to profit from this. Also when trading based on TA, it is fairly common to receive mixed indicators (one bullish, one bearish).


 artificial intelligence trading and best cryptocurrency trading bot


That said, TA works very well for trading in the Cryptocurrency Market and can certainly provide quality data upon which to make educated choices.

The added value from a smart platform powered by AI is to intelligently scan for even more indicators or signals from multiple data sources to support one direction or the other. AI is constantly learning and adapting to changing market conditions.

How Does ITT Work?

ITT’s platform learns from historical time series of price and volume. ITT’s data bots are constantly scanning the web and learning from the vast array of data available.

For evaluation of assets’ future price Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA) are used. ITT uses deep learning and statistical analysis to communicate what is going on behind each market predictor. Cutting edge Data Science tools and neural networks are then employed to provide real-time trading signals for the Cryptocurrency market.

The platform is designed to help its users to become more aware and successful by identifying entry points and informing the user about expected changes in advance.



It can be adjusted according to the day time, level of risk, hold timing (measured by 15min periods), trading volume and other. The program will offer the strategy and alert about trading possibilities. It will then wait for its user’s decision on whether or not to place the trade.

The user will see an alert with the cryptocurrency pair, showing if it is bullish or bearish, the strength of the signal helps to understand how definite it is, the time horizon (lasting from short periods (minutes) to long ones (days)) and the summary about prices and volumes.

The model is effective when the market environment is consistent with the near past. This is something that the machine learning helps with – because at times mere humans may perceive the Cryptocurrency market as unpredictable when in fact clear patterns emerge when reading between the lines.

Even in a nascent, volatile, and not yet efficient market such as the cryptocurrency markets, technical analysis can accurately predict price action based on historical data.


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The above screenshot is from the current Tier 1 ITT Platform. The data is pulled live from multiple exchanges. Each alert will be a concise summary either “BULLISH” or “BEARISH” and has a link to full details of the report.


Limitations of Artificial Intelligence and Trading

The drawback is that the machine learning process cannot predict a human’s motivations and actions.

Consider that if a whale decides to make a move on the market. Given the lack of regulations and potential for market manipulation, the best quantitative model in the world won’t be able to predict the price swings.

Furthermore, the model cannot foresee idiosyncratic events such as a natural disaster, a referendum, or tumultuous political events as these are incomparable to historical records.

For instance it would not have been able to predict the GDAX, the largest and most active Cryptocurrency exchange, and the flash crash in June where ETH prices dropped from $319 to $0.10 in an instant.

Nonetheless, when deciding what indicators to use ITT undertook a thorough analysis of what currently exists, and made list of indicators to be included on the platform. After a year of meticulous backtesting and tweaking they have come up with a useful lot.

Potential of ITT Artificial Intelligence Trading

These disruptive technologies are constantly and consistently changing our lives. We are at a point now where it is possible to leverage these technologies into the Cryptocurrency and wider trading markets.

ITT’s AI trading software is currently in presale. Users can try out the automated trading platform by purchasing ITT tokens with Ethereum.

The source code to ITT’s smart contract is publicly available on GitHub and the supply is limited to 21 000 000 ITT tokens. The Ethereum network enforces that there will never be more than this initial number of tokens minted.

This token sale gives early subscribers a unique opportunity to become an investor in the value of these trading insights.

Right now United States citizens are unable to participate in the ITT token sale due to US regulations.


Service Data / Flow of ITT:

artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency exchange

The ITT project is currently under assessment to see how it can be placed for the long term.

One of the main objectives is to bring Artificial Intelligence Trading technology to the institutional level.


We are at the stage where more widespread usage of Artificial Trading Technology is imminent. Right now programs such as ITT are tools that are able to provide actionable real-time signals for success in Cryptocurrency markets. Whether or not to act upon the indicators is down to the judgement of the trader using the program.

In short, whether the user is pro trader or a newbie – ITT will certainly assist in recognising trading opportunities that would surely be overlooked given the sheer volume of information to process.


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